How to Judge the Quality of Ceramic Tile Exhibition Rack Paint Technology?

The surface treatment of

modern display rack

production is generally completed by baking paint technology. Compared to the traditional powder coated method, The color of Baked Painting technology is more bright, visual impact is more strong. At the same time, anti-fouling ability is strong, easy to clean and moisture-proof. and the waterproof is superior, so more and more display manufacturers now use baked painting as the main surface treatment technology. But how do we know if the baked painting of the display racks is good enough?


Observe if the paint color on the display rack is uniform and if it is bright enough. Some suppliers’ baked painting technology is not up to standard, they just use low temperature to finish it, so the color looks not natural and flow.

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2. Touch

You can touch the surface to check if it is smooth, if there are small particles by touching the skin of the hand, the surface is poor. In addition, there will be no potholes, step smooth phenomenon. If they did, their paint skills must have been substandard.

3. Comprehensive observation

As the saying goes, details determine success or failure. Start with the details of the shelf. See if the display has burrs, whether the interface is smooth, whether the placement is smooth, the surface of the hardware screws and so on. whether the painting technology is up to standard when you buy the display rack. Is the quality of the display shelf you like good quality and so on?

Through the above series of observations, you can easily determine whether the painting technique is up to standard when buying display rack. The quality of the display rack you choose is not high quality and so on.

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