Customized Wallpaper Display Success Story: UK Client Case Study

A leading wallpaper retailer, based in the dynamic UK market, sought to redefine their showroom experience. To artfully display their extensive collection, they turned to our company for a display solution tailored to their unique needs.

Customer background:

Our client, a leading wallpaper retailer in the UK, sought to transform their showroom into an attractive space that artfully displayed their extensive collection. Driven by their pursuit of excellence, they sought a partner who could provide custom display solutions that seamlessly integrated with their brand image.

UK Client Case Study


After understanding our client’s unique requirements, we began working together to design and manufacture two different displays: a flipping wallpaper display and a sliding wallpaper display. Each shelf is carefully customized to fit the dimensions of the showroom and the different sized wallpaper rolls.

Customization process:

With our expertise in display rack customization, we conduct detailed consultations with our customers to understand their preferences and specifications. Taking into account factors such as showroom space constraints and wallpaper size ranges, we developed a custom design strategy to optimize functionality and aesthetics.

design concept:

Our design concept focuses on the combination of elegance and practicality, ensuring that the display rack not only showcases the beauty of the wallpaper, but also enhances the overall visual appeal of the showroom. Carefully selected materials and finishes exude sophistication, while innovative features such as flip and slide mechanisms provide customers with easy access and browsing.

Color customization:

To further personalize the display, the client chose a custom color scheme to match their brand image. They worked closely with our design team to select a color palette that complemented their logo and branding, adding a cohesive touch to the showroom environment.

Installation Instructions:

Upon receipt of the custom display rack, our team provides comprehensive installation guidance to ensure seamless integration into the customer’s showroom. Detailed instructions and hands-on assistance enable customers to install their racks with confidence, further reinforcing our commitment to exemplary service.

client feedback:

The client was delighted with the final product and impressed with our level of service, the quality of the display and the professionalism of our team. They appreciated the seamless customization process from design to delivery and praised our commitment to exceeding their expectations.

UK Client Case Study
UK Client Case Study
UK Client Case Study

in conclusion:

Through collaboration, innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we provide custom wallpaper display solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. As their trusted partner in creating a captivating showroom experience, we continue to uphold our commitment to providing exceptional products and unparalleled service.

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