Carpet Display Rack

This catalogue is exclusive to carpet display rack, from from Xiamen Yeks Industrial &Trading Co., Ltd.According to your carpet size, we can customize your own display rack to display your carpet in all directions.

As for the material, we use 2mm thickness seamless steel , which is more solid and firm than 1.0-1.2 thickness seamless steel used by other supplier. What’s more,display rack can use 8-10 years, As with all of our carpet exhibits, this idea can be extended or minimized to meet your specific needs.

For the surface treatment, we use pickling, powder coating(with over 300°C degree centigrade High temperature powder coating , the product surface is more rust protected and no paint off and not easy get scratched). Besides, we use Nylon and Stainless steel wheels, the wheel is mute and the sliders will not cause noise when you push pull it , furthermore, the rail and wheel is very easy to replace and install which is convenient for assembly.

The last but the most important, we provide 10 years warranty for all of the Carpet display rack from Yeks, we are confidence that you will satisfy with our products when you see it, and it will make your products more attractive.

Welcome to consult. Your choice is the greatest affirmation of our products!

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