How to display decorative tile


For many people who collect decorative tile, the goal is to display them in an attractive way. You can choose to display your tiles on walls or shelves, in frames or shadow boxes, as part of a larger piece of art. Displaying your collection will not only show off your prized pieces but also help you enjoy them even more. Here are some creative ways to showcase your decorative tile collection:

Display the tile in a series of framed photographs.

  • Use a shadow box
  • Use a picture frame
  • Use a picture frame with a mat
  • Use a picture frame with a mat and a mat board

Display the tiles on a display board.

This display board is a great way to show off your decorative tiles. It’s best to use a sturdy wooden display board, like the ones found in craft stores, that’s the same size as your decorative tiles. Make sure it also matches their color, material and shape!

Display tiles on a display rack.

Display racks are a great way to display small tiles, such as those that are only slightly larger than a playing card. Display racks can be made from any material, but the most common options include metal, wood and plastic. There are also freestanding display racks—which sit on your countertop and hold the tiles up for you—and hanging or wall-mounted display racks where you hang your tiles off of hooks on an open rack.

The advantage of displaying small tiles in a freestanding display rack is that it takes up much less space than other options (such as storing them in boxes), while also giving you easy access to all of your tiles at once instead of having to pull them out one by one from boxes or drawers.

Display the tile in a decorative shadow box.

Display the tile in a decorative shadow box.

This is a great option for displaying small pieces of tile or groupings of similar tiles. Shadow boxes are available in many sizes and shapes, including square, round and rectangular. They come with glass doors or tops that open from the front or from behind to reveal the piece inside. Some shadow boxes have glass sides as well so you can see all sides of the piece at once; others come with an additional back panel so that you can see what’s on both sides of your piece at once.

You have many creative options for displaying decorative tiles.

There are many creative options for displaying decorative tiles. You can display them in a mosaic, as shown below. You can also use them as artwork on their own, or combine them with other art pieces to create your own unique, one-of-a-kind look.


If you have a collection of decorative tiles that you’re proud of, then you should display them! This isn’t only a good way to show off your collection but it can also be a beautiful decoration in itself. We’ve shown some unique ways to display your tile collections, but there are many others out there. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity, so don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas!

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