How a reception table should look like?


The reception table is an important part of the decoration of a area lobby. It can reflect the quality level of hotels and give an elegant appearance.

The shape of the reception desk should be in accordance with the size and function of the area, especially should consider the decoration style and interior decoration style of the area.

  • The reception table is generally rectangular, but if the appearance is special, you can design other shapes, such as round and boat-shaped.
  • The size of the reception desk should be in accordance with its use; it is usually not more than 2 meters long and 4 meters wide. Large hotels like 5-star hotels usually use large square tables or oval tables to provide guests with free service. In addition to some luxury brands that use curved desks, which are specially designed for them.
  • Color matching: after considering all kinds of factors such as color matching requirements and interior decorations, choose a color for your reception table that matches your overall lobby tone well!

The color of the reception table needs to match the overall tone of the lobby.

For example, red can express strong vitality; blue symbolizes elegance and quietness; green symbolizes nature and relaxation.The size of the reception table should have a certain relationship with the size of the lobby. If you choose a large reception table for a small hotel lobby, it will look crowded and make it more difficult for guests to move. On the contrary, small tables are not prominent enough in large lobbies.

The ideal size of your reception desk should be proportional to your hotel lobby’s size. In addition, people often consider other factors such as style and cost when choosing a table for their home or business premises. For example, if you want your place to appear elegant and luxurious but do not want to spend too much money on furniture with high quality materials then you may need to spend more time selecting materials!

The material of the reception table is mainly selected from artificial stone, solid wood and high-grade laminates.

Among them, solid wood is elegant in appearance and easy to shape; artificial stone is rich in color and has a lower price than natural stone; high-grade laminates are rich in variety and easy to clean, but The softness of this material needs attention.

For example:The surface treatment can be divided into two categories: polished surface or matt finished surface. The polishing effect requires more labor intensity so that the price will be higher than matte finishing. Both polishing effect and matte finishing have their respective advantages: full-face gloss coating can make the color very bright while matt finish makes it easier for fingerprints to fall off easily

The quality of a hotel’s reception table reflects its quality to a certain extent.

The reception table is an important factor in the overall quality of the hotel and should be selected according to the size and function of the hotel. It should match the interior decoration style of the hotel, so as to provide a good first impression for guests.

In addition, when choosing a reception table, we also need to consider whether we want it to be fixed or mobile? If it is fixed, what kind does it look like? What material does it use? If it is mobile, how much weight can hold up?


We hope that this article has helped you to understand what a reception table should look like. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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