9 type tile display rack for your tile showroom

Tile display rack

Display racks are a great way to show samples of your tiles, and there are several types available.

  • Straight tile displays have one row of tiles and can be made with either metal or wood. These displays can stand alone or be attached to walls. The individual racks are about 6″ wide and 5″ tall, making them suitable for all kinds of tile samples. A straight display is an excellent choice for any size of home or office.
  • Corner tile displays attach to walls in corners, with the rack extending out from both sides. Like the standard straight display, these can be made from metal or wood and will hold about 6″ x 5″ tiles. Corners are often underutilized in homes; taking advantage of them by displaying some beautiful tiles will give you a finished look that ties together adjacent rooms or spaces seamlessly.
  • Multiple-display systems allow you to create custom configurations in a home or office where you need more flexibility than what is offered by the standard designs. These systems can include multiple racks that extend across your wall horizontally, vertically, at angles–the options for creating unique arrangements are nearly endless!

decorative tile display stand

Decorative Tile Display Stands.

Why not introduce a decorative tile display stand to your tile showroom? Choose from a wide range of ceramic and stone floor tiles, and present them on a matching or contrasting display stand. You can also feature wall tiles in decorative stands and bases. You could even choose glass mosaic tiles for the stands, allowing you to create interesting patterns that catch the eye.

showroom tile display rack

Tile display racks allow customers to touch and feel the product, which is especially important for tiles. After all, you can’t make a decision about whether a tile will work in your project just by looking at it.

If you’re looking for a way to feature your tile selection at its best, take a look at these 10 type tile displays that can inspire your own design.

tile display stand

A tile display stand is a rack used to display tiles in a showroom where you are trying to sell your tile. Most tile display stands are made of either wood, acrylic, or metal, and feature shelves for displaying the tiles.

ceramic tile display

Ceramic tile displays are an efficient way to show your products. It is a movable display that is typically located at the front of your showroom on the floor. The tile display features a range of shelves which can hold various sizes and colors of tiles in order for customers to visualize how their project would appear when finished. Your sales team should always be well informed about how to operate this type of display, so that they can make recommendations about how your customers can best utilize it for their project.

This type of display is useful because it allows you to showcase many different types of tiles all in one space, which helps create a more immersive experience for the customer than what would be possible by only offering sample tiles in picture frames. You will also save money on flooring by using these instead!

In addition to being an artistic way to present your products, ceramic displays also provide other benefits such as being able take up less room than traditional displays while still having enough storage capacity for hundreds or even thousands

We have a variety of affordable tile display options for sale to make your tile showroom visually appealing.

When showing off your tile products, it’s important to have them displayed in a way that makes sense for your showroom. Tile display racks and stands are an affordable way to show off your tile products while keeping them organized and accessible. We can help you design the perfect display for your showroom.

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