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Pull and push Tile Displays Rack Stone Display Stand

This is our most selling pull push tiles metal display so far because it can fit different sizes tiles on it, and easy to replace the samples at fair price.

We can custom the sliders size and Qty according to your sample size and showroom space, 2.0mm thickness seamless steel, 300 degree baking paint surface treatment, stable and durable structures makes you can use it for over 10 years and take you more tiles orders!

Pull and push Tile Displays Rack Stone Display Stand for sale

Pull and push Tile Displays Rack Stone Display Stand for sale is designed to display the ceramic tile samples in a small footprint. This style of showcase brings a focus to your product. We manufacture according to your sample size and thickness, display as many samples as you need, and then choose your color. As with all of our tile exhibits, this idea can be extended or minimized to meet your specific needs. This style is perfect for the show ( stone, marble, granite, tile, carpet, wooden door, or hardwood)

Material: 2.0mm thickness seamless steel
Size 300*600-600*600-800*800-900*900-600*1200-1200*2400mm( free customized)
Color Black, white, grey, etc or Custom
Usage Advertising,  Display, Exhibition, Promotion for ceramic tile
Surface Treatment Polishing, Powder Coating, Painting Etc or Custom
Sample Available
Sample Time: 1-2 weeks
Production Time: 2-3 weeks
Packing: Use bubble pack, stretch film, strong export carton and, pallet packing.

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A tile display rack is a specialized rack or stand used to showcase and organize tiles. It is commonly found in tile showrooms, home improvement stores, and construction supply outlets. The rack is designed to display a variety of tile samples, allowing customers to easily view and compare different styles, colors, and textures.

Features of a tile display rack can vary, but they typically include:

Shelves: The rack consists of multiple shelves or compartments where individual tile samples can be placed. These shelves are often adjustable to accommodate different tile sizes and shapes.

Organization: The rack provides a systematic arrangement to organize tiles based on their type, design, or material. This helps customers locate and compare tiles more efficiently.

Visibility: The design of the rack ensures that tile samples are easily visible to customers. This may involve angled shelving, clear dividers, or adequate spacing between samples to prevent crowding.

Accessibility: A well-designed display rack allows customers to remove and examine individual tiles without causing damage or disruption to neighboring tiles. It should provide easy access while maintaining the overall integrity of the display.

Durability: Tile display racks are typically made of sturdy materials such as metal or wood to withstand the weight of multiple tiles. The materials used should also be resistant to scratching or chipping to ensure the longevity of the rack.

Portability: Some display racks are designed to be portable, allowing store owners or sales representatives to easily move and position the rack within a showroom or during trade shows.

Tile display racks play an essential role in the sales process by allowing customers to see and touch tile samples before making a purchase decision. They provide a convenient and organized way to showcase a wide range of tile options, making it easier for customers to visualize how the tiles will look in their homes or projects.



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