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Tile Display Stand Racks Ceramic Tile Display Rack double display

Tile display stand ceramic tile display rack can be installed both in the center or the sides of your showroom, you can use screws to fix it, it is double sides display, if you want, we can make it 4 sides display also.

You can hang any sides tiles samples which size is smaller than the panel size on it with hooks.

Tile Display Stand Racks Ceramic Tile Display Rack double display

Tile display stand ceramic tile display rack  is designed to display the ceramic tile samples in a small footprint. This style of showcase brings a focus to your product. We manufacture according to your sample size and thickness, display as many samples as you need, and then choose your color. As with all of our tile exhibits, this idea can be extended or minimized to meet your specific needs. This style is perfect for the show ( stone, marble, granite, tile, carpet, wooden door, or hardwood)

Material: Metal,plastic,wood,MDF or Custom
Size 300*600-600*600-800*800-900*900-600*1200-1200*2400mm customized
Color: Black, white, grey, etc or Custom
Usage: Advertising,  Display, Exhibition, Promotion for ceramic tile
Surface Treatment: Polishing, Powder Coating, Painting Etc or Custom
Sample Cost: 3 Times of Quotation
Sample Time: 7~10 days
Production Time: 20~30 days
Packing: Use bubble pack, stretch film, strong export carton, and pallet packing.

Tile Display Stand Racks

Tile Display Stand Racks, an efficient and versatile solution for showcasing tiles in a visually appealing and organized manner. These display racks are designed to enhance the presentation of tiles in retail stores, showrooms, and design centers, providing an optimal shopping experience for customers.

Our Tile Display Stand Racks are constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The sturdy design can support various tile sizes and weights, making it suitable for ceramic, porcelain, and other types of tiles.

Featuring multiple tiers and adjustable shelves, these display racks offer ample space for displaying a wide range of tile samples. The tiered layout facilitates easy browsing and comparison, enabling customers to visualize different tile options side by side. The adjustable shelves can be customized to accommodate tiles of different sizes, allowing for versatile presentation and flexibility.

The display racks incorporate clear glass or acrylic panels, providing excellent visibility and protection for the tile samples. These panels not only enhance the visual appeal but also prevent dust accumulation, ensuring that the tiles remain in pristine condition.

Our Tile Display Stand Racks can be easily assembled and disassembled, making them convenient for transportation and rearrangement within the store. The modular design allows for easy customization and expansion, ensuring that the display racks can adapt to changing inventory and store layout requirements.

Tile Display Stand Racks

Product Detail

  1. 2.0mm thickness steel tube as the raw material, with strong frames
  2. Polishing, powder coating, painting etc or custom.
  3. Seamless welding technology.
  4. Installation method: fixed on the floor by screws
  5. Optional colors: black, white or grey, or we can custom the color according to your needs.
  6. The display rack adopts high-quality pulley, the wheel pushes the wear-resisting smooth without noise, prolongs the service life.
  7. Rail material: stainless steel, aluminum strips, full aluminum( optional)
  8. Easily assembly the tile display rack and load the products.


  1. Stone, ceramic, tile, slabs, granite store, showroom
  2. Tiles stone fair or exhibition.


  1. Our rack is come with strong load-bearing capacity.
  2. Advanced baking process, not easy to get rust off paint.
  3. Selection of high-quality roller skating, to ensure that the push and pull easy no noise.
  4. Elegant design style, space saving, and attract more customers for your showroom.
  5. Our display rack can display samples in all directions, allowing customers to have a better experience during choosing.
  6.  Simple and elegant appearance, brief introduction to enhance the grade of the sample.

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