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Stone Tile displays rack hign end display stand

This is our most selling pull push tiles metal display so far because it can fit different sizes tiles on it, and easy to replace the samples at fair price.

We can custom the sliders size and Qty according to your sample size and showroom space, 2.0mm thickness seamless steel, 300 degree baking paint surface treatment, stable and durable structures makes you can use it for over 10 years and take you more tiles orders!

Stone Tile displays rack hign end display stand for showroom

Stone Tile displays rack hign end display stand for showroom is designed to display the ceramic tile samples in a small footprint. This style of showcase brings a focus to your product. We manufacture according to your sample size and thickness, display as many samples as you need, and then choose your color. As with all of our tile exhibits, this idea can be extended or minimized to meet your specific needs.

Material: 2.0mm thickness seamless steel
Size 300*600-600*600-800*800-900*900-600*1200-1200*2400mm( free customized)
Color Black, white, grey, etc or Custom
Usage Advertising,  Display, Exhibition, Promotion for ceramic tile
Surface Treatment Polishing, Powder Coating, Painting Etc or Custom
Sample Available
Sample Time: 1-2 weeks
Production Time: 2-3 weeks
Packing: Use bubble pack, stretch film, strong export carton and, pallet packing.

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A stone tile display rack is a specialized rack or stand used to showcase and organize stone tiles. Stone tiles are often used for flooring, countertops, backsplashes, and other architectural applications. The display rack for stone tiles is designed to highlight the unique colors, patterns, and textures of the stones, allowing customers to easily view and compare different options.

Here are some common features of a stone tile display rack:

  1. Sturdy Construction: Stone tiles can be heavy, so the display rack needs to be robust and able to support the weight of multiple tiles. It is typically made of durable materials like metal or wood to ensure stability and longevity.
  2. Shelves or Compartments: The rack consists of shelves or compartments where individual stone tile samples are placed. The shelves are designed to accommodate different sizes and thicknesses of stone tiles.
  3. Angled Display: Stone tiles often have intricate patterns or unique veining that can be better appreciated when displayed at an angle. The rack may have angled shelves to showcase the tiles in an optimal way, allowing customers to see the natural beauty of the stones.
  4. Proper Spacing: The rack provides adequate spacing between the tiles to prevent them from touching or scratching each other. This helps maintain the quality and integrity of the tiles.
  5. Lighting: Some stone tile display racks incorporate built-in lighting to enhance the visual appeal of the tiles. Proper lighting can highlight the colors and textures of the stones, giving customers a more accurate representation of how the tiles will look in different lighting conditions.
  6. Organization and Categorization: The display rack is designed to organize the stone tiles by type, color, or style, making it easier for customers to browse and compare their options. Clear labeling or signage can assist customers in finding specific types of stone tiles.
  7. Accessibility: The rack allows customers to easily access and handle individual stone tiles for closer examination. It should be designed to ensure that tiles can be removed and replaced without causing damage or disrupting neighboring tiles.

Stone tile display racks are essential tools for stone suppliers, retailers, and showrooms. They provide an attractive and organized way to showcase the range of stone tile options available, allowing customers to make informed decisions based on the visual and tactile experience.

Product Detail

  1. Raw Material:2.0mm thickness steel tube.(Most suppliers use only 1.0-1.5mm thickness tube)
  2. Surface Treatment:baking varnish under 300 degree high temperature, durable and the paint not easy to take off.
  3. Seamless welding technology:no welding points, more durable and good looking during displaying tiles in your showroom.
  4. Durable:big size and mute wheels, molding making stand without welding points, strong bearing capacity, wear-resisting smooth without noise, prolongs the service life.
  5. Rail material: Optional ( stainless steel, full aluminum and aluminum strips)
  6. Easily to assembly: Easy to assembly when you received it (we will provide detailed installation video and guide when you received it)
  7. Customization:We can custom the rack size according to your tiles or slabs samples size and your space size.
  8. Certification:with RoHS, EPA, CARB certificates, certified raw material and supplier audit report.
  9. Warranty: 10 years warranty for all of the tiles/ slabs displays from Boya display.


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  1. The thickened home control is made of strong load-bearing capacity.
  2. Advanced baking process, not easy to rust off paint.
  3. Selection of high quality roller skating, to ensure that the push and pull easy no noise.
  4. Unique design style, beautiful at the same time, save space.
  5. This tiledisplay rack can display samples in all directions, allowing customers to have a better experience.
  6. Simple and elegant appearance, brief introduction to enhance the grade of the sample.


Xiamen Yeks Industial&Trading Co.,Ltd is a displays enterprise include design, production, sales and services. The company was originally founded in 2005.

We have our own professional manufacturer mainly supply display stands for tile, stone(marble/quartz/granite), wood flooring, mosaic, carpet,wooden door and other building materials. Our main products are tile display racks, stone display racks, wood flooring displays, wooden door display racks, etc.

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With strict production standard, advanced equipment, and strong technology like R&D, OEM and ODM services, Boya have 100% confidence to provide you the gurantee deliver time, good quality grill with competitive price.
We sincerely hope to provide you with the best display solutions.Please feel free to contac tus or call us directly, we welcome your inquiry any time!


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